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African Megaflyover pilot videographer Mike Fay to influence policymakers

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International issues often seem very far away. Yet amazing and groundbreaking things are happening… such as the following.

Views of Africa @ National Geographic Magazine

Mike Fay flew over Africa at 500 feet and took 92,000 pictures. My friend Michael the pilot and film school student told me about this.

Fay wants to convince policy makers to invest in natural resource management for the promotion of peace. Sounds odd? Perhaps not. He alleges that Darfur, Rwanda, and many other troubled areas in Africa have resource depletion as a hidden cause. Would conservation help preserve peace and prevent human rights abuses? Read the article here, or watch the really, really good and short video here.

I like to look a bit more in what he has done. And how he arrived at this incredibly fascinating position in life.

“Fay drummed up support from various sour
ces—the Human Footprint lab at WCS, the WILD Foundation, the Bateleurs (an Africa-based organization of bush pilots volunteering for conservation), and, as chief financial sponsor, the National Geographic Society.”

I find it interesting who he got involved… and the varied life stories of the people behind; the pilot slash optometrist and the Mario Scherer pilot slash Kosovo war crimes investegator.

“Fay arranged collaborations wherever possible with local conservationists, field scientists, or national agencies, assisting them with their aerial-survey needs as well as adding data to his own comprehensive trove.”

In order to be successful anywhere, you must arrange collaborations.

He also used some awesome technological mashups such as geotagging the photos, saving them to a tree terabyte drive on the plane, and using a Tablet PC to annotate them during the flight.

Post your comments on what you think about this guy, his political ambitions, or the breathtaking pictures/videos.

And please, take a few seconds to look at the video.

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May 31st, 2006 at 9:58 pm

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