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Yahoo Hack Day was tremendous (+videos)

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I went to Yahoo Hack Day a few weeks back.

  • 400 people from all over the world
  • camping out at Yahoo’s headquarters
  • going to a day full of seminars
  • hacking on a project for 24 hours
  • a private concert by Beck.

What I best enjoyed is 80% of the people I met were either working for a startup, or they just started their own. It won’t be long before I’ll chase after that dream too. I am insatiably drawn to the excitement, pressure, and flow you achieve working in small teams, on real projects, with real clients… and wondering if you’ll miss payroll or strike it big.

Here are videos from some of the sessions:

1) YUI Front End developer, Matt Sweeny explores the philosophy of frontend engineering architecture for modern web browsers. Web 2.0: Getting it right the second time.

2)Ian Lamb presents ten tools and skills needed by hackers who want to take full advantage of the emerging ecosystem of open APIs and web services. The New Hackers Toolkit.

And no, I didn’t quite make it with the camping outside in tents… I really wanted to, honest! I packed my ultra lightweight North Face my dad used to bike accross the country. Although it looks like I made it a little too lightweight. I forgot tent stakes and poles. So I slept under a copy machine.

Yahoo Hack Day 05

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September 9th, 2006 at 2:54 am

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