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I Fly Vomit Comet video

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In college I was fortunate enough to fly – and float – on NASA’s “Reduced Gravity Student Flight Opportunity Program” (R.G.S.F.O.P. for …short). Basically you get in an airplane and climb and dive from 24,000 to 34,000 feet. The peaks of this roller coaster ride create weightlessness… watch the video for an explanation and more.

Yes, this is a little off topic from my usual investing podcast. But isn’t this NASA program awesome? We showed this video to several hundred students in elementary and high schools. I think inspiring students to study hard, technical topics is a wonderful thing for any country’s educational system.

I’ve been wanting to upload this for a year now, and I finally got to it. If you like what you see.. leave me a comment. I’ll post more videos. (-; And thanks to NASA, our many, many, many, sponsors, as well as Professor Tan!

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January 26th, 2007 at 1:59 am

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