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Chicago to San Francisco, by way of India

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I’ve really, really missed the really smart people I used to work with.

I believe working full time, with great people, and doing my own projects on the side will be vastly more productive than having full time for my own projects.

After leaving FeedBurner with the Google acquisition, I gave myself 2 months of running my own business full time. After that period, I would either be hiring folks, giving myself a few more months, or getting more experience at a startup or consulting.

Second Valley’s revenues are up a healthy 25-40% compared to May. I’ve been spending time in Ruby on Rails, and have started rebuilding the full ecommerce and delivery platform for one of Second Valley’s sites. But I missed the smart coworkers.

My decision Wednesday was to email ThoughtWorks and continue my interview process I started prior to joining FeedBurner. Well, thanks to the amazing Carrie McComb, I interviewed Thursday and had an informal offer that night. Friday morning I signed and it’s official.

In 10 days I’ll be off to India for ThoughtWorks Immersion training, and then I’m relocating to San Francisco.

Photo credits: meaux, and artview (my previous trip to India)

Written by Jonathan

August 10th, 2007 at 3:04 am